7ft Cat6 550 MHz UTP Snagless Crossover

$ 9.75

7ft Cat6 550 MHz UTP Snagless Crossover Ethernet Network Patch Cable, Red


Our 550 Mhz rated category 6 crossover patch cable is designed to provide an easy and economical way to connect hub-to-hub, PC-to-PC or Mac to Mac. Need to complete a file-transfer between 2 PC's? Category 6 crossover cables are the way to go.


Our category 6 cables contain four twisted copper wire pairs and are made from 24AWG cable with a PVC jacket and snagless molded boot. The snagless design protects the locking tabs on the RJ45 connectors from being damaged or snapped off during installation. These category 6 patch cables have built-in pair separator that prevents interference from cross talk.